Non-NHS Work

We are happy to undertake, by appointment, medical examinations and reports for insurance companies, employers, solicitors, fitness to do certain sports, elderly drivers etc. This work is outside the NHS system and a charge will be made in line with the BMA recommended scale.

Private & Professional Fees for non-NHS work

Administrative Service


Adoption/Fostering Medicals


Certificates/GP signature (driving licence/private sick note/simple letter, fit to travel letter)


Completion of simple claim form


Passport Countersignature

Not undertaken, see note below

Ofsted report for Child-minding


Severe mental impairment certificate for council tax purposes

No charge

Shotgun or firearms certificates 


Clinical Service


HIV Testing (counselling, taking of blood & lab fee for travel)


Paternity testing (you must have kit prior to making blood appointment, and you must let us know who is paying – the CSA or yourself)


Private bloods tests for visa requirement & foreign travel

Please enquire at Reception for individual test costs

Medical examinations (incl. HGV/power of attorney)


Private consultation with GP/PN


Consultation with GP following a road traffic collision (Services of the first Doctor to see a victim following a road traffic Accident - Section 158 Road Traffic Act 1988)


Prescription for travel purposes (per item)


Please note we do not undertake the following:

  • Occupational Health Services including medicals,vaccinations and blood tests.
  • Scuba diving medicals – please contact Teign Diving School on 01626 773965 (fee of £45 or £35 if you are diving with them).
  • Parachute jump medicals
  • Passport countersignatures -

    In light of changes to the wording for passport countersignature, which now states the countersignature "must be able to identify the applicant as a friend, colleague, in other words not just a random professional". Doctors are not listed in the occupations of those eligible to countersign.

  • Testamentary capacity i.e. capacity to make or change a will

Not all vaccinations are available free on the NHS, even if they're recommended for travel to a certain area. Please see our Travel Vaccination Information for details. 

We regret that we can only accept cash or cheque payment for our private services; we do not have the facility to accept card payments.


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