Patient Participation Group, Reports & Other Surveys

Who are the PPG?

The PPG is open to all registered patients and to anyone who is a Carer of a registered patient. No training is required to become a member, just a genuine interest in taking positive action to help your practice by giving your constructive opinion and some time.

You can get involved in the work of the PPG in a number of ways. You can participate as much or as little as you are able or wish to.

Ideally the PPG will reflect the diversity of the registered patients including for example by age, gender, ethnicity and health issues.

What has the PPG been established to do?

  • Facilitate good relations between the practice and patients by communicating patient experience, interest and concerns.
  • Provide constructive feedback to the practice on current procedures and any proposed new developments.
  • Work collaboratively and positively with the practice to improve services and facilities for patients.
  • Act as a representative group to support the practice and influence local provision of health and social care.

The PPG does not:

You could join the PPG Core Group:

The core group is the formal group of a maximum of 20 people including an elected Chair and other officers. It generally meets every two months for a couple of hours during the day at a time to suit the majority of attendees and also has a formal Annual General Meeting. Practice staff also attend these meetings.

Getting more involved:

So are you interested and want to find out more? Or would you prefer an informal chat with the Chair of the group first? Email your interest to or phone your surgery and speak to Ben, or alternatively you can click here to register your interest.

Patient Information Leaflets:

Terms Of Reference, Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Policy

PPG Leaflet 1 (PDF, 147KB)

PPG Leaflet 2 (PDF, 422KB)

PPG Leaflet 3 (PDF, 161KB)

PPG Facebook Page Has Gone Live (PDF, 361KB)

How to access local services (PDF, 271KB)

How to make best use of GP appointments (PDF, 422KB)

What the PPG is all about (PDF, 263KB)

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PDF, 1.66MB)


11.05.2022 AGM Agenda (PDF, 119KB)

26.04.2022 (PDF, 995KB)

08.11.2021 (PDF, 136KB)

26.07.2021 (PDF, 120KB)

12.05.2021 AGM (PDF, 120KB)

14.04.2021 (PDF, 122KB)

23.11.2020 (PDF, 141KB)

05.08.2020 (PDF, 140KB)

26.03.2020 (PDF, 139KB)

10.02.2020 Open Meeting (PDF, 197KB)

22.01.2020 AGM (PDF, 205KB)

09.01.2020 (PDF, 228KB)

07.11.2019 (PDF, 149KB)

19.09.2019 (PDF, 218KB)

11.06.2019 (PDF, 223KB)

National GP Surveys:

National GP Survey January 2020 (PDF, 898KB)

National GP Survey January 2019 (PDF, 239KB)

Minutes for Core PPG Meetings:

Minutes of Core PPG meeting, 26/04/22 (PDF, 194KB)

Minutes of Core PPG meeting, 08/11/21 (PDF, 125KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 26.07.2021 (PDF, 135KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 14.04.2021 (PDF, 134KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 23.11.2020 (PDF, 160KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 05.08.2020 (PDF, 147KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 09.01.2020 (PDF, 272KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 07.11.2019 (PDF, 167KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 19.09.2019 (PDF, 270KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 11.06.2019 (PDF, 282KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 21.02.2019 (PDF, 435KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 22.11.2018 (PDF, 285KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 25.09.2018 (PDF, 282KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 28.06.2018 (PDF, 351KB)

Minutes of Core PPG Meeting, 14.05.2018 (PDF, 339KB)

Minutes for Core PPG Meeting, 27.02.2018 (PDF, 238KB)

Minutes for Core PPG Meeting, 12.02.2018 (PDF, 211KB)

Minutes for AGM Meetings:

Minutes for AGM Meeting, 11.05.2022 (PDF, 119KB)

Minutes for AGM Meeting, 12.05.2021 (PDF, 105KB)

Minutes of AGM Meeting, 22.01.2020 (PDF, 214KB)

Minutes of AGM Meeting, 21.01.2019 (PDF, 215KB)

Minutes for AGM Meeting, 17.01.2018 (PDF, 215KB)

Minutes of AGM Meeting, 30.01.2017 (PDF, 344KB)

Minutes for Open Meetings:

Minutes for Open Meeting, 10.02.2020 (PDF, 147KB)

Minutes for Open Meeting, 13.02.2019 (PDF, 148KB)

Minutes for Open Meeting, 12.02.2018 (PDF, 211KB)

Minute for Open Meeting, 22.02.2017

CFEP Practice Reports:

CFEP Practice Report 2019-2020 (PDF, 898KB)

CFEP Practice Report 2017-18 (PDF, 779KB)

CFEP Practice Report 2016-17 (PDF, 1.01MB)

CFEP Practice Report 2015-16 (PDF, 718KB)

CFEP Practice Report 2014-15 (PDF, 599KB)

CFEP Practice Report 2013-14 (PDF, 639KB)

NAPP Bulletins

E-Bulletin from National Association for Patient Participation - Jan 2018 (PDF, 354KB)

Practice Questionnaires or Surveys:

Practice Reponse to Questionnaire 2015 (PDF, 335KB)

Telephone Consultation Survey 2013-14 (PDF, 108KB)

Action plans:

Patient Participation 2014-15 & action plan (PDF, 321KB)

Patient Participation 2013-14 (PDF, 374KB)


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